WALTER, Godwin, was a witness to a deed executed in Wiltshire, England,
Sept. 28, 1685, and in less than three months had arrived in Pennsylvania.
He settled in Concord, and married, in 1696, Elizabeth Sangurst, or
Sanghurst, by whom he had the following children:  John, b. 7,2,1697, d.
1732, m. Martha Musgrove, 3,21,1724, and removed to Sadsbury; Mary, b.
10,5,1698, m. Caleb Peirce; Sarah, b. 1,25,1701, m. 9,26,1719, to Gainer
Peirce, and 3,25,1749, to William Eachus; Ann, b. 9,7,1704; William, b.
4,8,1707, m. Rachel Newlin, 2,25,1734; Rachel, b. 10,27,1709, m. 8,28,1730,
to John Pyle; Joseph, b. 12,28,1711, m. Jane Brinton; Elizabeth, b.
7,29,1714; Lydia, m. 9,25,1747, to Eliakim Garretson; James, m. to Lydia
  Joseph and Jane Walter removed about 1746 within the limits of Goshen
Monthly Meeting, and in 1750 to Kennett.  The birth of their first child
was not recorded, but the others were Hannah, b. 8,30,1741, m. John
Carpenter; James, b. 1,31,1744; Joseph, b. 12,21,1746, d. 2,29,1812, m.
5,2,1771, to Elizabeth Levis, and 11,25,1802 to Hannah Harry; Elizabeth, b.
12,24,1753, m. Isaac Trimble; Phebe, b. 11,26,1758, d. 8,5,1785, m. Levi
Woodrow; Jane, b. 2,19,1760, m. Peter Harvey; Rachel, b. 2,24,1762;
William, b. 4,29,1764.
  the children of Joseph and Elizabeth Walter were Sarah, Martha, m. to
James Passmore; Jane, m. to Isaac Miller; Thomas, Hannah, William, m. to
Margaret Lamborn; Thomas, m. to Sidney Peirce; and Mary Carpenter.
Elizabeth died young.