Lewis Gronow was one of the early and stanch collaborators of those Chester County patriots who assisted to put the ball in motion which resulted in the independence of these United States.  He was one of the county committee which assumed the local government in December, 1774, under the auspices of the Continental Congress; and on March 20, 1775, that committee met at the house of Richard Cheyney, in East Caln.

In 1774, Mr Gronow was elected a member of the General assembly for Chester County.  He was also a sub-lieutenant of the county - one of the officers having charge of the military organization of the same.  On June 17, 1777, an order was drawn in favor of Lewis Gronow, Esq, sub-lieutenant of Chester County, for $4,000, for the purpose of procuring substitutes, blankets, etc.  And again, March 30, 1780, Col Robert Smith was appointed olieutenant and Co. Thomas Cheyney, Lewis Gronow, Andrew Boyd, Thomas Levis and Robert Wilson were appointed sub-lieutenants of the county.

Lewis Gronow, it is believed, died soon after this, and his personal history, like that of many other good patriots of those days, seems to be nearly lost; but his memory remains in our archives as that of a faithful servant in his country's cause.