Rev Nathaniel Irwin was born at Faggs' Manor, Chester Co, Oct 17th, 1756.  He graduated at the College of New Jersey in 1770, and was a contemporary there of James Madison, David Rittenhouse, Judge H H Brackenridge, and others who subsequently rose to eminence.  He was ordained and installed pastor of the Neshaminy Presbyterian Church, in Bucks Co, May 3, 1774, and continued in that relation until his death.  He ws a man and much shrewdness and of superior business tack and his advice was much sought.  He was popular with his people and ranked high as a preacher.  He possessed much scientific knowledge and made it of practical benefit to the community.  He was the first person who encouraged John Fitch, the inventor of the steamboat.  Fitch was a Bucks Co man, and his autobiography, in the Philadelphia Library, is addressed to Mr Irwin, in token of his gratitude for the encouragement which he received from him.  When the question f the locatio of the county-seat of Bucks Co was being agitated, Mr Irwin advocated with ardor its location at Doylestown, and his influence had much to do with fixing it there.  A printed caricature of him was circulated at the time, representing him with hat and coat off and sleeves rolled up, tugging with all his strength to pull the courthouse in the direction of Doylestown.  He was moderator of the Presbyterian General Assembly in 1801, and died March 3, 1812.