from THE HISTORY OF CHESTER COUNTY, by Futhey and Cope

NEWLIN, Nicholas, a gentleman in easy circumstances, with his wife and children, emigrated from Mountmellick, in the county of Tyrone, Ireland in 1683, and settled in Concord, (now) Delaware Co.

It is claimed by some of his descendants that he was an English gentleman of ancient family, and that he was descended from the De Newlandes, who were manor lords under the early Norman kings of England.  Be this as it may, he was a member of the Society of Friends, and brought with him to this country a certificate of membership, in which the meeting expresses dissatisfaction with his intended removal, and intimates that he was fearful of suffering there for the testimony of Jesus, or that he coveted worldly liberty.  Whether the intimating therein conveyed as to the cause of his removal was correct or not, his conduct here showed him to be a man firm in the performance of what he believed to be his duty under all circumstances.

In 1685 he was appointed to a seat in the Provincial council, and was for a time one of the justices of the courts of Chester county.  HE had a large estate in Concord and Birmingham, and built a mill at the former place in very early times.  Friends' meetings were held at his house as early as 1687, and after his death  were continued for a number of years at his widow's.  He died at Concord in May of 1699 and was there buried.  Elizabeth Newlin, his widow, died in 1717.  Their children were Nathaniel, John - who died unmarried - Elizabeth and Rachel.

Elizabeth Newlin, in 1683, married Thomas Burton of Rosenagh, Queens Co, Ireland.  They had children - Mary, Elizabeth, Rebecca and Martha.  She married a second husband, William Pagett.  Her father devised to her 250 acres of land in Birmingham,

Rachel Newlin, in 1685, married Ephraim Jackson of Edgmont.  They had 9 children - John, Joseph, who died young, Joseph, Nathaniel, Josiah, Samuel, Ephraim, Mary and Rachel.

Nathaniel Newlin, son of Nicholas, was born ca a1660, and emigrated from Ireland with his father in 1683, and 4-17-1685 married Mary Mendanhall, who came from Wiltshire, England.  They had the following children - Jemima, Elizabeth, Nicholas, Nathaniel, John.