Samuel Nutt the founder of the Coventry Iron Works, came from Coventry, in Warwickshire, bringing a certificate from the MM of Coventry, dated 2-7-1714, which was presented at Concord MM 10-13-1714.  No further notice of him appears on the records of the latter meeting.  Before leaving England he, on the 4th day of May, 1714, purchased from Benjamin Weight, of Coventry, 1250 acres of land in Pa, some of which was laid out in Sudbury twp, now owned by Wm L. Paston and others. (*1881).  He is said to have returned to England to bring over skilled workers in iron, and it may be that his nephew of the same name accompanied him hither at that time.  Samuel Nutt, SR, married Anna, widow of Samuel Savage, and dau of Thomas Rutter, and her daughter, Rebecca Savage became the wife of Samuel Nutt, JR, May 17, 1733.  In the Pennsylvania Gazette of May 29, 1740, we find the following:

"We hear from French Creek, in Chester County that on Monday last Mr. Robert Grace, a gentleman of this city, was married to Mrs. Rebecca Nutt, an agreeable young lady, with a fortune of ten thousand pounds."

Samuel Nutt, Jr, left no son, and the name became extinct in that family.