Rev. Thomas Read DD was born in March of 1746, in Nottingham twp, Chester co.  His parents were Scots Irish immigrants from the north of Ireland.  They were in prosperous circumstances, and gave their children the best opportunities which the country afforded for the culture of their minds.  Thomas Read was educated at the Philadelphia Academy, under the charge of Dr Francis Alison.  He graduated in 1764, and was for a time tutor in the Newark Academy, in the State of Delaware.  In 1768 he was licenses as a Presbyterian minister, and was pastor of the church at Drawyer's Creek, Delaware, from that time till 1798, when he moved to Wilmington, Del and became pastor of the Second Presbyterian Church of that place.  He filled this position till 1817, when he resigned.  He afterwards preached, as his health permitted, for the First Presbyterian church of Wilmington, which was without a pastor.  In the Rev. war he was an earnest, active patriot.  In 1776 he and some 50 others, neighbors and members of his congregation, shouldered their muskets and marched to Philadelphia.  The success which had then recently attended the American arms at Trenton and Princeton rendered their services at that particular juncture unnecessary, and they returned to their homes.  On Aug 25, 2777, the British army landed at Elkton.  Gen. Washington was encamped near Stanton, some 6 miles below Wilmington.  The position of the American army was such as to render it exceedingly dangerous to give battle, and to retreat by the great road, with the disciplined British army in the rear, was still more so.  Gen Washington make preparations for departure, but could obtain but little information upon which he could presume to act.  At night a council of war was held and while the greatest anxiety prevailed, one of Gen. Washington's staff came in and exclaimed, "I know the man that can extricate us."  "Mount and bring him without a moment's delay" was the immediate order of Washington.  The officer went to the house of Rev Read, then residing about 5 miles distant, roused him from his bed, and brought him under whip and spur to the camp.  He drafted on paper for Gen Washington the whole adjacent country, with which he was very familiar, and with all the crossroads and by-ways.  The army was immediately put into motion and a safe retreat made to Chads' Ford, where Sept 11, the battle of Brandywine was fought.  In 1796, Thomas received from Princeton College the degree of Dr of Divinity.  He was twice married , first to an English lady of the name of Stanley, and second to Mary Stuart, of Bohemia Manor, Md, who survived him.  He died June 14, 1823.  His widow died Dec 11, 1845, at the age of 84.