ASKEW, WILLIAM, produced a certificate from Friends of Woodhall Monthly Meeting, Cumberland, England to Concord Mnothly Meeting, 5, 1, 1728, and settled in Chichester. He probably brought some children with him. He married, 9, 13, 1729, Sarah Yarnall, daughter of Francis, of Willistown. His son Lazarus married 8,, 28, 1742, Mabel Coud, and died a few years later, leaving children. Another son, Joseph, married 2, 27, 1749, Rebecca Eyre, daughter of William and Mary, of Bethel. Parker Askew, of Concord, son of Joseph and Rebecca, married 11, 17, 1779, Hannah Hatton, daughter of Peter and Sarah, of Concord, by whom he had children,-- Rebecca, William, Peter, and perhaps others. This branch of the family finally went to Ohio.

ASTON, GEORGE, a justice of the peace and active citizen, purchased 500 acres in Caln township, on the western side of what is now Downingtown, and is said to have built what is known as the old Hunt Mansion, 1727-8. His wife, Elizabeth, was the daughter of Peter Hunter, of Middletown. He died in 1728, leaving children, --George, Peter, Mary (married to Joseph Few, 2, 18, 1733), Susanna, and probably Esther, wife of Roger Hunt.

GEORGE ASTON (2) married Esther, daughter of Own Thomas, of East Whiteland, and became the owner of the Admiral Vernon (now Warren ) tavern. He left one son, Owen Aston.

George Aston (1) was sttyled a Quaker (p. 48), but there is no evidence to that effect in the records of the society. His daughter Mary and son Peter became members.

ATHERTON, GRACE, late of Liverpool, England, was married 11, 15, 1712-13, in Whiteland township, to Richard Thomas, of that place. She was the daughter of Henry and Jennet Atherton, who had not then come to this country. Her parents, writing to her not long after, mention, among other things sent to her, a "Brass Bible; I mean a large Bible whose cover is studded with brass, which was your grandfather Thelwall's, which we desire thee keep for thy little son." This Bible, which was printed soon after the King James version was authorized, is still in the family of Thomas, but contains no early records. The parentslso wrote, "We have sent over thy brother William and sister Mary; thy brother William is come over free, and has brought his clearnace with him, and as to thy sister Mary, she is come on the charges of John Holand, and he is to give her50s by the year, and she is to serve him 4 year, but she is not bound to him." John Holland appears to have arrived in 1714, and these probably came with him. Mary married William Taylor, of Caln, early in 1715. After this the parents came to this country with other children. Henry Afterton, second son of Henry Atherton, late of Whiteland, deceased, and Susanna Garrett, daiughter of Thomas, of Willistown, deceased, weremarried 8, 14, 1731, at Goshen Meeting, his mother and two brothers being present. Thomas Atherton, another son, was married 9, 4, 1741, at Nantmeal Meeting, to Abigail Marsh, and about 1763 went to York County. Henry and Susanna had children, -- Henry, b. 10, 10, 1732; William, b. 9, 14, 1734; Caleb, b. 12, 12 1736. William, Sr., was probably the husband of Rebecca, daughter of Thomas and Ruth Buffington.

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