BABB, THOMAS, married Bathsheba Hussey, daughter of John Hussey, near New Castle, prior to 1700, and lived in Brandywine Hundred. In 1713, his wife died, leaving several children, and he married again, 3, 25, 1720, Elizabeth (Conway) Booth, a widow, of Middletown Township.

Thomas Babb, Jr., married Sarah _____, about 1729, and removed to Virginia. Peter Babb, son of Thomas, settled in West Caln about 1725, and married, 11, 22, 1728, Mary Lewis, daughter of Evan and Ann, of that township. His sister Lydia married John Morgan, of Caln, 10, 17, 1735.

Peter Babb had several children, of whom Bathsheba married Jeremiah Piersol and Benjamin Trego; Elizabeth married a Bishop, and Samson married Ann Way, daughter of John and Ann Way, of Kennett. Other children were John, Thomas, Content, Peter and Susanna.

Samson Babb was disowned by Friends in 1767 for "keeping and using a fiddle," etc. On the removal of the county-seat to West Chester he became a tavern-keeper there for some years, subsequently moving to the interior of the State. He was the father of Samson Babb, at one time sherrif of the county; of John Babb, the proprietor of the "Black Bear" tavern in West Chester, and others.

BAILY, JOEL is supposed to have come from Wiltshire, England. AMong the purchasers of land in Pennsylvania was Daniel Baily, of Westbrook, in the parish of Bromham, Wiltshire, weaver, who in 1681 bought 125 acres, which was subsequently located in Birmingham township. He did not come over, but Joel Baily, doubtless a relative, appears to have been concerned in the sale of the land to William Radley in 1713.

The first mention of Joel Baily is at a court held in September, 1685, when he sues Thomas Withers for wages, and also for assault and battery. One Elizabeth Baily was married in that year to Jeremiah Cloud and in 1687 Joel Baily married Ann Short. At the first court held for Chester County the Swedish priest was complained of for marrying George Thompson to one Miriam Short, contrary to the laws of the province. Aaron Coppock married in 1704 Miriam White, a widow; in 1713 they join with Joel Baily and wife in selling land, and Coppock in his will, 1726, memtnions his son-in-law, Ralph Thomson.

After his marriage Joel Baily resided in this land, which was partly in Middletown and partly in Aston, but in 1704-5, he removed to Marlborouogh, where he died in 1732. The children of Joel and Ann Baily were, --1. Mary, b. 9, 10, 1688; d. 1741; m. Alexander Stewart and George Harlan. 2. Ann, b. 10,10,1691; d. 8, 12, 1774; m. Jeremiah Cloud. 3. Daniel, b. 10, 3, 1693; d. about 1783; m. Olive Harry, 1720. 4. Isaac, b. 10, 24, 1695; d. 1732; m. 1, 1, 1727-8, Abigail (Johnson) Wickersham. 5. Joel, b. 12, 17, 1697, d. about 1775, m. 8, 24, 1724, Betty Caldwell. 6. John, m. 3, 29, 1729, Lydia Pusey and again, 4, 8, 1732, Mary Marsh. 7. Thomas, m. to Sarah Bentley, daughter of John and Mary Bentley, of Newlin. 8. Josiah, m. 3, 9, 1734, to Sarah Marsh, and settled at the homestead.

The children of Daniel and Olive Baily were William, Ann (m. Joshua Peirce), Elizabeth, Daniel, Lydia, Olive, Caleb, Nathan, Ruth (m. Joshua Edwards). Of these, William had a son , Levi, born 6, 29, 1750, whom we suppose to be the father of Jeremiah Baily, the inventor of the mowing-machine.

The children of Isaac and Abigial Baily were Isaac and Joel, the first of whom was the grandfather of Isaac H. and Jesse Baily,, near Marlborough Meeting, and of Isaac S. Baily, now living in West Chester, in his eighty-seventh year. Hoel, son of Isaac, married 11, 14, 1759, Lydia Pusey, and settled on the Street road where his grandsons, John and George T., reside, it being the former residence of John Smith, at which Londongrove Meeting was first held.

The children of Joel and Betty (Caldwell) Baily were Betty, Hannah, Ann, Joel, b. 12, 16, 1732, d. 10, 29, 1797; Ruth, Mary, Phebe, Isaac, and Joshua. Joel(3) married 10, 11, 1759, Elizabeth Marshall, of West Bradford, who was the mother of his children. He married, 7, 4, 1776, Margaret Evans, widow, and 11, 28, 18=793, Mary Woodward, also a widow. He was a person of scientific attainments, and assisted in observing the transit of Venus in 1769.

John Baily, by his first wife, Lydia Pusey, had one son, John, and by his second, Mary Marsh, had Susaana, William, Betty, Ann, Hannah, Mary, Sarah, Elisha, the latter being the father of Dr. Obed Baily, now of West Chester.

Thomas and Sarah (Bentley) Baily had eight children, -- Issac, Mary (m. Caleb Hayes), JOhn (m. Hannah Pennock), Thomas, Jemima, Ann, Hannah,, and Sarah.

John Baily and Hannah Pennock were married, 5, 8, 1766, and had eleven children, -- Alice, Sarah, Joseph, Moses, Jacob, Thomas, Israel, John, Mary, Hannah, and Ann. Moses, b. 5, 19, 1773, d. 8, 16, 1858; m. 10, 21, 1807, Judith Barnard, and left one son, Richard B. Baily, now of West Bradford. Jacob Baily, b.. 7, 29, 1775; d. 4, 26, 1854; m. Elizabeth, daughter of John Parker, of Parkerville, and settled in that vicinity. Their children were Abraham, Ephraim, John P., Mary W., Hannah, Joseph, Susanna, Sarah, Ann, Elizabeth, Jacob, and Eleanor.

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