Bane, Alexander, of Merion, purchased 300 acres in Goshen in 1711 and settled thereon.  In 1713 he married Jane Moore, by whom he had children - Jane, Mary, William, Catharine, Alexander and Daniel.

William married Margaret, daughter of Thomas Evans, about 1746 and had children - Alexander, Thomas, Elizabeth (married Jonathan Hoopes) William, Jesse, Nathan, Abner, Jane, and James.

Mordecai Bain, probably a brother of Alexander, purchased, in 1716, 200 acres of land in Goshen, where he died about 1747 leaving a second wife, Mary* and several children, viz; Mordecai, Nathan, James, Joseph, Mary, Samuel, Isaac, Sarah, Hannah, Rachel, Barbara and Jane.

Nathan Bane, son of Mordecai, married, Dec 27, 1735, Mary cock, daughter of Henry and Mary Cock , of Long Island, born 8, 8, 1711.  He died in Goshen 1748, leaving 8 children; Sarah married Thomas Hoopes 4, 28, 1763; James married Ruth Waln 4-25-1765; Elizabeth married Daniel Hoopes 11-11-1762; and Deborah married Samuel Rea, 4-14-1774.

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