BIZALLION, PIERRE, or PETER, was a French Indian trader, and one of the most noted in the province. He established himself at various points, and penetrated the distant wilderness to barter with the natives for their furs. About the year 1724 he settled down on a farm in the valley, a short distance east of Coatesville, where he died in 1742. He names eight slaves in his will, and his personal property was appraised at 573. His widow, Martha, gave the land, 158 acres (which had been patented to them in 1740), to her nephew, John Hart, by deed of Dec. 22, 1762.

BINGAMAN, FREDERICK, from Germany, settled in Chester County, and married a daughter of Garret Brownback, by whom he had children, 1. John, who went to Virginia; 2. Frederick, who served in the army of the Revolution in a rifle company whose trimmings were colored with maple-bark; 3. Garret, who was drafted, but his brother Frederick went to his stead, having been out before; 4. Mary.     Frederick, Jr., married Elizabeth, daughter of Cassimir Missimer, of Montgomery County, and resided there for some time. He died in 1832, and she about a year afterwards; both were buried at Brownback's church. They had two children, John, born Sept. 23, 1783, and Mary, who married Jacob Aman.

John married, Feb. 21, 1809, Mary, daughter of Judge John Ralston, born May 4, 1787, and resided in Coventry. He died Dec. 4, 1825, aged forty-two years, and his widow married Henry Rimby whom she survives, at the age of ninety-four years. The children of John Bingaman were Joshua, Eliza, John Ralston, Frederick, Robert, William, and Levi.
    LEVI BINGAMAN was born Oct. 21, 1824, in Coventry township, opposite the house in which he now resides. His father kept the "Rising Sun Inn," an ancient hostelry of Coventry, dating back to or beyond the Revolution. Frederick (John's father) also kept the same inn, and the buildings are now occupied by Levi, their son and grandson. John kept the inn until Sept. 11, 1817, when, being converted at meeting, he cut down his sign and quit keeping public-house. Levi was raised on the farm until his fifteenth year, and attended the summer schools. He then clerked in Robert Ralston's store in West Vincent for eight years, after which he was in the mercantile trade for twelve years where he now lives. He was married, Jan. 24, 1850, to Mary Ann, daughter of Henry and Margaret (Sheneman) Mosteller, of West Vincent. She was of a family of eight sons and three daughters, all living and all married but two. Levi and his wife have had ten children, of whom three are living, Howard, Samuel, and Levi Arthur.

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