Richard Bonsall, with his wife Mary, daughter of George Wood, came from Mouldridge, in Derbyshire, and settled in Darby (now Upper Darby), in 1683.  Richard died 7, 13, 1699 and his wife 6, 24, 1698.  Their children born in this country were Jacob 10-9-1684; ;Benjamin 11-3-1687; Enoch 11-2-1692; Eleanor 9-8-1694.  Their daughters married - Rachel to David Hibbert 1697; Ann to Josiah Hibbard 1698; Abigail to Joseph Rhoads 1701.  Elizabeth Bonsall was married 8-10-1683 to James Hunt, but whether a daughter of Richard is uncertain.

Obadiah Bonsall, perhaps a nephew of Richard, married in 1701, Sarah Bethell, and had several children.  The descendants of this family number many thousands, and have been largely traced by Spencer Bonsall, of Philadelphia, who is preparing a family history.  His father, Edward H. Bonsall, a prominent citizen of Philadelphia, was born in the limits of Uwchaln MM 5-28-1794 mad died 4-14-1879, the son of Isaac and Mercy Milhouse Bonsall.