Adolphus Bonzano was born 12-5-1830, in the city of Ehingen, kingdom of Wurtemberg, Germany.  He early received a classical as well as polytechnical education.  He arrived at New York City Sept, 1850, and went to Philadelphia, where from Oct till May, 1851 he studied the English language.  From May 1851 till 1855 he was at the American Machine-Works, at Springfield, Mass, where and at which time he learned the machinist business in all its important branches.  During the year 1855 he erected machinery in the Southern States.  From that date to 1868 he resided at Detroit, Mich., where he was married in 1857, to Laura Goodell, from which union have been born 2 sons, Maximilian, 1858 and Hubert 1867.  He was engaged until 1860 as superintendent of machine-shops, etc, then as designer of bridge construction.  He removed in 1868 to Phoenixville, Pa, for the purpose of carrying on iron bridge-building as a member of the firm of Clark, Reeves and Co.  He has charge of the estimates, general plans and details of construction. The company, knows as the "Phoenixville Bridge Company, " has its principal office at # 410 Walnut Street, Philadelphia and it's works at Phoenixville.  The firm is composed of Thos C Clarle. Adolphus Bonzano and John Griffen.