Boon/Boone from THE 1693 CENSUS OF THE SWEDES ON THE DELAWARE, by Craig;

The origins of our Boone/Boone families in Chester start with Anders Svensson Bonde, who was born in 1620 in Sweden and came to New Sweden in 1639-40 aboard the Kalmar Nyckel....he had been hired in Gothenburg as a laborer....he adopted the surname of Bonde, that meant farmer in Swedish, and in 1643, became a gunner. He married, by 1660, Anna (parents unknown). Later, under English rule, the 2nd syllable of his surname was dropped, so that the surname became Boon in most civil records. In the 1693 Census, Anders and wife Anna were in the household, along with his 2nd son Peter, Peter's wife Catharine, dau of Marten Martensson, and 7 unmarried children; Hans, Nils, Olof, Margaret, Brigitta, Anders, and Ambora. The eldest daughter, Catharine was then married to Anders Jonasson. Anders Boon's will of April 18, 1694 was proved June 1, 1696. His widow was buried Jan 11, 1713.

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