BRADLEY, Charles, married Mary Jefferis about 1752, daughter of Robert Jefferis, Jr., of East Bradford, by whom he had sons,--George, born 1753, Joseph, and Enoch.  Joseph went to Warrington, in York County, where he married in 1782 and left children:  Of Enoch nothing further is known.   George Bradley married Mary, daughter of Philip and Mary (Gilpin) Taylor, of Thornbury, born 12,23,1753.  They resided for some time in West Bradford, and had issue,--Emmor, Ruth (m. to Elias Stanley), Orpha, Caleb, Joseph, Hannah, Elizabeth (m. to Reuben Taylor), Lydia (m. to Thomas Lamborn), Ziba, Rachel (m. to Benjamin Lamborn), and Albina.

Emmor, born 9,19,1777, died 1,25,1837, married Deborah, daughter of Col.. John Hannum, and for a few years afterwards taught school in West Chester, then bought a part of the Hannum property, in East Bradford, and built a house thereon in 1810, and resided there the rest of his life.  His children were John, Alice Ann, (late secretary of the Chester County Mutual Fire Insurance Company), Taylor, Rachel, Elizabeth, and Sarah.