John Broomall came to Pa in 1682, and after his marriage settled in Edgmont or Lower Providence.  His death in the latter twp occurred in 1729, when he left a widow, Mary and children - John, Lydia, Ellen, Mary and Jane.

John jr married Oct 12, 1720 to Ann Lewis and had several children, of whom a son, Danies, married Martha, dau of Joseph and Hannah Talbot, of Middletown.  THye resided for some time in Middletown and afterwards in Thornbury.  Daniel died 4-2-1817, and his wife 5-3-1812; both buried at Middletown.  Their children were (1) Hannah b 2-13-1755   (2) Joseph b 1-27-1758   (3) John b 11-8-1760 d 3-6-1848 (father of Hon. John M Broomall, of Media  (4) Isaac b 8-27-1762 d 11m 1834  (5)  Nehemiah b 8-27-1762   (6) James b 2-6-1765  (7) Jacob b 4-18-1768  (8) Rachel b 3-8-1771 m to Caleb Temple  (9) David b  6-24-1773  (10) Elizabeth b 6-4-1775  (11 & 12)  Joseph and Nathan, twins, b 7-12-1777  (13) Daniel b 1-27-1780.  Isaac Broomall, or Broomell, as this branch of the family write the name, m 1-11-1792, Lydia dau of John and Susanna Neal, of Concord, b 5-12-1772,  Upper Oxford 9-2-1853.  About the year 1800 they moved to the western part of this county, and Isaac died at New London Cross-roads.  Their son John, b 1-100-1794, d. Upper Oxford 3-15-1881.

Hannah G., widow of Nathan Broomall, d  Phoenizville, 12-12-1879, in her 92nd year.