BROWER, Dr. William.--the Brower family, originally from Holland, very early settled in East Coventry township, where the ancestors of Henry Brower, grandfather of Dr. William, lived for two generations before him. Gilbert, son of Henry Brower, married Lydia Urner, to whom were born four children, of whom the eldest (Harrison) is deceased; the surviving three are Rev. Isaac U., Sallie m., and William.  The latter, Dr. William, was born Feb. 25, 1842, in East Coventry, and was married, Sept. 18, 1869, to Sallie M., daughter of Joseph Kendall, of Limerick Station, Montgomery Co.,by whom he has one child living, Blanche, born March 9, 1872.  He spent his boyhood days upon a farm, and began his academic education at Oakdale Seminary in the summer of 1858.  The two following summers were spent at Freeland Seminary (now Ursinus College).  He entered the Pennsylvania StateNormal School, at Millersville, Pa., in the summer of 1861, where he was also in attendance in 1862 and 1863, at which time he was a member of the senior class.  He taught school for six terms, and entered upon the study of medicine in the spring of 1865.  He attended lectures at Jefferson Medical College, in Philadelphia, and there was graduated March 9, 1867. He then located at Spring City, and soon acquired a large practice, where and in which he is now most successfully engaged.  He has taken an active part in school matters, and has served uninterruptedly on the school board for the past thirteen years.  The schools of Spring City are among the bestin the county, which is in large measure due to his zeal and labors on the board.  He has also served for several years as a director in the Phoenixville Fire Insurance Company, and his public spirit has been of great aid to the community, which deservedly holds him in high repute.   His mother was an Urner, descended from that well-known family, which came originally from canton Uri, in Switzerland, and having from thence been driven by persecutions, settled in the province of Alsace, from which the three brothers, John, Jacob, and Martin Urner, came to America about 1708.