BROWNBACK, Garret, or Gerhard Brumbach, as it may have been in German, was one of the earliest settlers of that nationality in Vincent; was the founder of Brownback's Reformed Church, and the first tavern-keeper in that part of the county.  He took up 1000 acres of land, partly in Vincent and partly in Coventry, on that part of which the church was built at a later date.  He had two sons, Benjamin and Henry, and daughters who became the wives of Richard Custard, John Brenner, Frederick Bingaman, John Munshower, and William Posey.  Catherine was the wife of Munshower.  When Garret settled here there was a Indian village about fifty or sixty perches from his dwelling, and the natives rendered him services in return for favors shown them.  Garret Brownback died about 1758, and was succeeded at the tavern by his son Benjamin, who continued in the business nearly thirty years.  The latter served during the Revolution.  His widow was robbed and murdered, but the murderer never was discovered.