Rev. James Buchanan

The Rev. Buchanan was a native of the Brandywine settlement, in Chester Co, PA, where he was born in 1783. He received his collegiate education at Dickinson college, Cartlisle, where he graduated Sept 28, 1803. He studied theology under Rev. Nathan Grier, of Brandywine Manor, and was licensed by New Castle Presbytery, Sept 30, 1806. He was first settled in April of 1809 over the Presbyterians of Harrisburg, Pa. This charge he resigned in 1815. In 1816 he became pastor of the congregation at Greencastle, Franklin Co, Pa. There he continued for about 21 years, with great acceptance to the people, who were devotedly attached to him. He then took charge of the Presbyterian church of Logansport, Ind, of which he continued pastor till his death, on the 16th Sept, 1843, at the age of 60 years.

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