CALDWELL, Vincent, came from Derbyshire, England, about the year 1699, and brought a certificate to Darby Monthly Meeting, of which, for a time, he was a member.  Though a young, unmarried man, he was a preacher of some note, and during his sojourn at aDarby made a religious visit to Maryland with the approbation of the meeting.  In 1703 he was married to Betty Peirce, daughter of George Peirce, of Thornbury, and soon after settled in Marlborough, Chester Co., where he died in 1720, aged forty-five years.  He continued to be an approved minister till his death.  His wife did not marry again, though she survived him thirty-seven years, having removed to Wilmington a short time before her death, which happened in 1757, in the seventy-seventh year of her age.  She lived an exemplary life, attending strictly to her religious duties, and towards its close appeared in the ministry.  They had five daughters, viz;  Ann; Betty, m. to Joel Baily, Jr., 1724; Mary, m. to Joseph Gilpin, 1729; Hannah, b. 12,12,1711, m. to John Marshall, 1733; Ruth, m. to George Gilpin, 1737.  From these have descended a numerous offspring.