CARPENTER, William, from England, married Margaret, widow of Nathaniel Richards, of New Garden, and daughter of Allen Wiley.  In 1746 he purchased 174 acres in that township, which he devised to his son John, and died early in the year 1748.  His children were John, Thomas, Sarah, married to Michael Gregg, 12,11,1755, and Albina.

John Carpenter, married at Kennet meeting, 5,2,1759, Hannah Walter, daughter of Joseph and Jane, of Kennet, born 8,30,1741; died 5,15,1800. John died 3,1,1810, aged 76.  His children were as follows:  1. William, b. 10,10,1761; d. 7,31,1797; m. Rachel Carter.  2. Joseph, b. 1,30,1763; d. 10,1,1820; m. Rebecca Powell.  3. Albina, b. 12,29,1765; m. Jesse Morgan. 4. Hannah, b. 1,4,1768; m. John Jefferis.  5. Phebe, b. 1770; m. Dr. Abraham Baily.  6. Jane, b. 11,24,1772; m. William Webb.  7. Margaret, b. 1,9,1775; m. Joshua Powell.  8. John, b. 2,10,1777.  9. Isaac, b. 5,5,1779; d. 7,23,1833; m. Hannah Beaumont.  10. Rachel, b. 12,3,1782; m. Dr. Abraham Baily.  11. Cyrus, b. 8,12,1785; d. 11,26,1864; m. Sarah Worthington.   Thomas Carpenter married Esther, daughter of Francis Trumble.  He died 2,1,1815, aged 76, and she 8,15,1813, aged 73 years.

Francis Carpenter, their son, born 2,25,1771, died 10,6,1857, married 10,15,1795, Sarah Baily, who was born 10,30,1768, and died 5,12,1834, daughter of John and Hannah Baily of Newlin.  They resided in West Bradford, and had children,--Esther, Thomas, Sarah, Francis T., Edwin, Moses S., Albina B., and Hannah, who married John Worth, of East Bradford.