CLOYD, JAMES. Pikeland.

October 13, 1803: December 4, 1807. A. 466.

Directs executors to put a stone wall around the graveyard in East

Whiteland Township, where our family hath been buried, at expense of

his estate, and to put head and foot stones to grave of son Hockley and

his own. To sister Margaret Culbertson 10 and to her son James

Culbertson 10 and to his wife 10. To said daughter Margaret's

daughter Elizabeth Vanleer 10. To sister Jane McKee 10. To sister

Rebecca North's 4 children, James, Caleb, Joshua and Rebecca, 10 each.

To sister Mary Todd 5. To sister Sarah Morrel 10, and to her daughter

Sarah Morrel 5. To Margaret, wife of Francis Lee, Esquire, 5. To

brother David's daughter, Mary Latta, 5. To the three children of

Francis Lee, Esquire, viz: Elinor, Jane and Thomas Lee, 3 each. To

John Cloyd, son of brother David, 5. To negro Poll, who lives with me

10, and to negro Sam, 10.

To sister Elizabeth Cloyd all remainder of estate, real and personal.

Executors: Nephew James McKee and John Ralston of Vincent.

Wits.: Frederick Holman, Robert Ralston. (Letters to McKee.)