March 21, 1762. May 3, 1762.

To wife Jean 1/3 of all estate real and personal absolutely. To son

Samuel 20 and all he now owes me and negro lad James on condition that

he shall take my wife Jane and all his sisters living at my decease

into Cumberland County and take care of them until my wife's decease

and his sisters marriage. To son in law Alexander Porter 5 shillings.

To each of my grandchildren by my daughter Elizabeth Porter 5

shillings. To daughters Jean, Mary, Martha, Isabella and Sarah

Culbertson all remainder of estate to be divided and paid to each of

them on day of their marriage.

Executors: Wife Jean and son Samuel.

Witnesses: Joseph Bennett, Joseph Musgrave, George Craghead.

Letters to Jean, the other renouncing.