CUMING, WILLIAM. West Nottingham.

March 12, 1764. April 25, 1764.

Wife Agnes provided for and gives 50 to each daughter and 10 over

the rest to daughter Esther and 100 to each son to be put to interest

for schooling. The clock to son James and bookcase to son Samuel and

daughter Esther is to get a bill of sale of Bell, negro girl from Mrs.

Morris in Philadelphia for her own use and as for Charley the niger boy

is to be kept for the use of the house and if son Joseph is alive till

my wife leaves this world of troubles the he is to fall to him. To

daughter Elizabeth a chest of drawers. Testators signature proven by

William Buchanan, aged 56 years, who was acquainted with Testator for

34 years and John Crawford, aged 44, who was acquainted with William

Cumings for 22 years.

Executors: Wife and James Evins and Joseph Fraser of Lancaster,

County. Letters to wife Agnes and John Fraser.