James David, of Tredyffrin, purchased land there in 1711, which he conveyed to his grandson of the same name in 1741.  He died in or about 1744, leaving a daughter Margaret, wife of James Abraham, Jane (married to Thomas James May 15, 1722), Eleanor, unmarried, and some grandchildren by a deceased son, viz:  James David, Elizabeth (married to David Parry Sept 27, 1735 and 2nd to ___Hackett), Mary (m to Henry Owen)

Eleanor Davis inherited the homestead of 100 acres, and with her lived John Thomas, whose wife Elizabeth was her niece, and Rachel James, the daughter of her sister Jane.  Eleanor Davis and John Thomas were murdered and Rachel James dangerously wounded Aug 1, 1752, by 3 men, 2 of whom were subsequently caught and hung.