Peter Dicks

Peter Dicks, of Chester, Eng, flaxdresser, bought 250 acres of land in Pennsylvania, August 1684, from James Dicks, who had bought the land from Wm Penn, 1681. Peter, with his wife Esther, arrived in 1686 and settled in Birmingham, where he died in 1704. In 1708 his widow married John Mendenhall.
Children of Peter were Hannah, m Jonathan Thatcher; Elizabeth, m Richard Tranter, 10-2-1714; Sarah m Joseph Pyle 4-16-1715; Esther m Francis Swayne 1724; Deborah m Jonathan Fincher 1726; Nathan; Peter who married in 1716, Sarah widow of Thomas Powell jr and dau of Joseph Hayes, of Cheshire England. He settled in Providence and later in life became interested in ironworks. He died around 1760, leaving a widow, Sarah, formerly wife of Wm Shaffer to whom he was married in 1750. His children were Joseph b 1717; James b 1718; Nathan b 1719; Sarah b 1720; Peter b 1722; Job; John; Abraham; Esther m John Darlington; Jane b 1751, m John Pierce 1786; Roger b 1763 m Rebecca Maris 1797, d 1808. He was an esteemed minister among Friends.

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