Anthony Duche

Anthony Duche Sr is included in the "Highly Improbable" list as a passenger on the Welcome. The first record for Anthony Duche in PA is to be found in the marriage register of the 1st Pres. Church in Philly.....1705.. It is thought that as nothing has been found on Anthony before the arrival of the Canterbury, it is believedt probable that, if he did cross with Penn on any ship as 'lore' has it, it was on Penn's second voyage and not the first (the Welcome).

Anthony Sr, a potter, married Anne Doz, said to be daughter of Andrew Doz. The marriage record......19, 4m 1705, does not say that Anthony was a widower, but he probably was, as in his will he names his son Anthony first, though the baptism of son Andrew comes so soon after the marriage that we can be sure he was the firstborn of Anne Doz. Catharine Swanson, dau of Christopher and Christian Swanson of Wiccacoe, married Anthony Jr, and was his first wife...and mother of all his children. Anthony Jr also married 2nd, Sarah Evans and 3rd, Sarah Falconer.

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