DUNLAP, Rev. James, D.D., was born in Chester Co., Pa., in 1744.  He received his early education at the school of Samuel Blair, at Fagg's Manor, and graduated at Princeton College in 1773.  He was a tutor in the college from 1775 to 1777.  He was ordained by the Presbytery of New Castle, at Fagg's Manor, in 1781, and shortly thereafter removed to Western Pennsylvania.  He was pastor of the congregations of Laurel Hill and Dunlap's Creek, in Fayette county, until 1803, when he was chosen president of Jefferson College, at Canonsburg, in Washington county, which situation he held with great respect until 1812.  In 1806 the title of Doctor of Divinity was conferred on him by the college over which he presided.  He was eminent for his minute and accurate attainments in classical literature, with which it is said he was so familiar as to have the ancient classics in his memory to recite, or hear and correct the recital of others.  Even in his old age in was his delight to devote a part of each day to his favorite Latin and Greek authors.  His influence in the college was very great, and he contributed much to its upbuilding.  He died Nov. 22, 1818.