EACHUS, Robert, was a resident in Goshen as early as 1715.  He became the owner of 400 acres of land in or near what is now the northeast quarter of West Chester, which by his will passed to his sons John and William.  He died in 1727, leaving a widow, Elizabeth, daughter of Hugh and Elizabeth (Brinton) Harry, who married again, 1,13,1728/9, at Goshen meeting, John Gleave, of Springfield and died in Marlborough, 3,8,1758; buried at Kennet.   The children of Robert and Elizabeth were:

John and Hannah Eachus were the parents of Phinehas Eachus, the first landlord of the Turk's Head Tavern.  Phinehas was married, 11,23,1757, at Goshen Meeting, to Sarah Trego, daughter of William and Margaret Trego, of Goshen.  The family tradition is that a Masonic lodge held meetings at his house, and that he became responsible for the debts of some of them, which brought about his financial ruin.  The sheriff seized his property, and the most of the land passed into the possession of Isaiah Matlack, the tavern being purchased by John Hoopes.  He must have had a taste for the classics, as he named two of his sons Virgil and Paris.

Virgil Eachus married Bathsheba Webb, and resided for several years in Middletown, Delaware Co.  In 1808 he married his second wife, Mary Starr, and after a few years removed to Maryland, but returned about 1825.  His children by the first wife were Homer (born 7,15,1792), Joseph, Obed, Hiram, Edna, Betsy, Mahala, Abner, Preston; by the second, Vanleer, Bathsheba, Minshall, Sarah, and Virgil Trego Eachus.