James Edmiston of West Nottingham, died about 1757.  The name of his wife was Margaret and his children mentioned in his will were Wm, Elizabeth and John.  HE had a brother, Hugh, and was probably related to the following.

Dr. Samuel Edmiston graduated at Princeton College and married a daughter of Rev.. Samuel Blair, of Fagg's Manor.  He was appointed by Benjamin Rush, Surgeon-General, May 16, 1777, as second surgeon in the military hospitals under Rush's direction.  Although he wrote his name Edmiston in his correspondence, yet in official documents it is Edmondson.  Having taken the oath of allegiance to the new government on the 8th Oct, 1781, he received a commission dated the next day as U.S. Surgeon.

Dr. Edmiston's daughter, Margaret, married Joseph Turner, whose descendants reside in Upper Oxford.