August 13, 1767. October 30, 1767.

Provides for wife Martha. To son John all my plantation westward of

Darby Creek commonly called Smith's Fields reserving a house and 2

acres for a settlement for my old negro Primus during his life, also

2/3 of my island in the Delaware called Little Tenicum. To son

Benjamin the plantation where he now dwells during life and then to his

children. To son Peter plantation where I now dwell excepting my new

house and 30 acres of land with reserve to his brothers. Also

remainder 1/3 of Tenicum. To 2 granddaughters Martha and Elizabeth

Hanbest 50 each at 21 with reserve to their brother Peter. To son

Christopher new house and 30 acres as reserved above, a piece of marsh

at Kingsess. Tract of land in Easttown whereon Geo. Turner now dwells,

to kinsman Israel Moore when he is 27. Rents until that time to his 3

sisters, Mary, Elizabeth and Ruth. To grandson Peter Hanbest messuage

where his father Robert now lives at 21. To brother Peter my 1/2

interest in 100 acres of unlocated land. 50 to go toward building a

wall around the graveyard and at brother Peter's where some of our

family have been interred. Personal property divided among sons

including 8 negroes besides old Primus who is to be free.

Executors: Brother Peter, son Christopher, and friend Benjamin Lobb,

Sr. Wit: Jacob Webber, Isaac Lloyd, John Lenderman.