John Fred

FRED, JOHN, "late of Ireland, produced a certificate for himself & family from the Monthly Meeting of Carlow, bearing the date the 25th day of the 12th mo., 1712-13, to the satisfaction of this meeting & Nicholas & Rachel, son & Daughter of John Fred, came clear in relation to marriage." This certificate was presented to Concord Monthly Meeting 5, 13, 1713, at which time Benjamin Fred, son of John, also presented one, dated 11, 21, 1712. The latter returned to Ireland on business in 1713, and remained perhaps a year.

John Fred died in March, 1719-20, and his widow in 1723, in Birmingham, where they had settled.

Benjamin married, 4, 20, 1721, Deborah, daughter of Simon Hadly of New Castle County, and removed to New Garden township, where he died in 1752, leaving no chlldren. His sister Rachel married, 4, 29, 1721, James Miller, son of Gayen and Margaret, of Kennett, and after his death married James Miller, son of James and Catharine.

Nicholas Fred married, about 1720, Ann Need, daughter of Joseph Need, of Darby. He lived in Birmingham, and was inerested in a mill there. His widow died at the residence of William Hunt, 2, 7, 1770, and was buried at Concord. The children of Nicholas and Ann, so far as known, were Mary, m. William McCall; John, married to Susanna Hope; Joseph; Sarah, m. 10, 25, 1753, to William Hunt; Catharine, m. to ----- Davis.

Joseph Fred was married, 10, 18, 1753, to Sarah, daughter of Joshua Hadly, then of Virginia. He removed to the neighborhood of New Garden and had the following children: Mary, b. 10, 10, 1754; Ann, b. 11, 18, 1755; Benjamin, b. 11, 13, 1757; Joseph, b. 3, 23, 1759;shua, b. 11, 25, 1761; Thomas, b. 3, 13, 1763; Nicholas, b. 8, 9, 1765

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