GARRETT, JOHN, and Mary, his wife, were the parents of the following children, whose births and baptisms are taken from a Bible printed in 1634:

"John garat was borne the 10 day Januari 1631 and baptised forteanth. "-------- garat was borne the 30 day of Aprill 1640 baptised the third of May. "Mari garat was baptised the fifteenth of May 1642. "William garat borne 21 of August and baptised the third of september 1643. "Catren garatt baptised May 26 in the year of our lord god 1646. "Thomas Garrat the sonne of John Garratt and Mary his wife was baptised in May the 17, 1649."

Of these children, William married Ann Kerke (Kirk?), 19, 1668, probably at Friends' meeting, and lived at Harby, in the county of Leister, until 1684, when he came to Pennsylvania and settled in Darby. The following memorandum is from the records of Philadelphia Monthly Meeting:

"William Garret, John Smith, Robert Cliffe, & Samuel Levis, Their Certificate was Read in the monthly meeting at Philadelphia and accepted, which was given them by the meeting at Harby in the County of Leicester, the 20th day of ye 5th month, 1684, & Subscribed by Edw'd Hallam, Henry Brown, John Marriot, Robert Dubbleday, with several others."

The certificate was presented at a meeting held at the "Governor's house," in Philadelphia, 9, 4,1684.

The children of William and Ann Garratt (as the name is written in the family Bible) were these: Ann, b. at Hosse, 12, 4, 1668, buried 9, 10, 1672; Mary, born at Hose, 9th mo., 1670, m. Abel Noble, 1692; Samuel, b. at Harby, 5, 8, 1672, d. 1, 4, 1743-4; Hannah, b. at Harby, 4, 23, 1674, m. George Emlen, 1694; Sarah, b. 4, 23, 1676, m. Randal Croxson, 2, 8, 1702; Alice, b. 4, 24, 1678, m. Joseph Pennell, 2, 8, 1702; William, b. 2, 4, 1679, d. 1, 5, 1726-7; Thomas, b. 2d mo., 1681, died 12th mo., 1716-7; John, b. 1, 22, 1685-6, d. 8, 21, 1713.

Before leaving England, William Garret and Samuel Levis had jointly purchased 1000 acres of land in Pennsylvania by deeds of Aug. 9 and 10, 1684. The land was afterwards located in Willistown township. William Garrett was styled a "webster" in the old writings. He appears to have removed to Philadelphia before his death. His wife died there in 1722, and he in 1724.

Samuel Garrett married, in 1698, Jane, daughter of Robert and Hannah Pennell, of Middletown, born 5, 13, 1678, died 6, 27, 1736, and they had the following children: Mary, b. 4, 7, 1699, m. Thomas Oldman in 1721, and (second) Obadiah Eldridge; Joseph, b. 2, 25, 1701, m. 2, 25, 1722, Mary Sharpless; Hannah, b. 7, 18, 1704, m. William Lewis in 1728; Samuel, b. 10, 20, 1706, d. 1, 19, 1707; Samuel (2) b. 8, 22, 1798, d. 1, 29, 1747, m. 9th mo., 1731, Sarah Hibberd; Nathan, b. 12, 13, 1711; James, b. 4, 17, 1714; Thomas, b. 10, 26, 1717; Jane, b. 4, 20, 1719.

William Garrett, Jr., married Mary Smith in 1709, and had children--John, Elizabeth, Isaac, Martha, Joshua, Mary, Hannah, William. Of these, Isaac settled in Willistown.

Thomas Garrett married, in 1704, Rebecca Vernon and settled in Willistown. He left four children--William, Samuel, Susanna, and Hannah. His widow married Richard Jones, of Goshen.

Samuel Garrett, Jr., upon his marriage settled in Willistown, where he died, leaving four children, and his widow married Amos Yarnall. His children were Josiah, b. 1, 21, 1733, d. about 1794, m. Mary Yarnall; Jesse, b. 6, 18, 1735, d. 7, 7, 1811, m. Abigail Yarnall; Samuel, b. 12, 2, 1742-3, m. Susanna Lewis; Aaron, b. 12, 27, 1746, d. 3. 18. 1815, m. Rachel Cox, 11, 30, 1769, daughter of Lawrence and Sarah Cox of Wllistown. She died 2, 4, 1815.

The children of Aaron and Rachel were Levi, Amos, Aaron, Sarah, Robert, and Mary. Aaron, Jr., married Jane Hoopes, daughter of Jesse and Rachel, and had children--David, b. 11, 28, 1803, d. 10, 17, 1868, Rachel Y., Betsy, Jesse H., Aaron, and Jane. Of these, only David and Aaron married, and the former lived for several years of the last of his life immediately west of Birmingham Meeting.

Robert Garrett, son of Aaron and Jane, married Albina Hoopes, daughter of Jesse and Rachel. his only representative is his grandson, Albin Garrett.

There was a George Garrett settled in Whiteland as early as 1722, who, with Ann, his wife, had children--Ann, b. 8, 21, 1710, Ellen, Elizabeth, Alice, Thomas, George, William, Mary, and John. They were Friends, but are not known to have been related to the Garretts of Darby, Willistown, etc.

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