GAWTHROP, Thomas, born 1709, died 9,29,1780, married Isabel Crosfield, and lived in the county of Westmoreland, England.  Whether they ever came to this country we are not informed, but their sons James and George made Chester County their home.  George married, 12,31,1772, Jane, daughter of James and Jane Allen, of East Marlborough, and settled in Londongrove. Their daughter Hannah married Swithin Shortledge in 1799.  Thomas, their son, married 11,13,1800, Elizabeth Thompson, and had children,--Sarah, Ann, Daniel, Jane, Allen (now of Wilmington), Lydia, Elizabeth, and James.   Jane married Daniel Thompson, and Elizabeth married Nicholas W. Taylor, bother daughters of George and Jane.   George, Jr., married 1,20,1813, Amy Chambers, and his brother James married, 2,18,1808, Hannah Marshall, of West Bradford.