GHEEN, Joseph, married Dec. 7, 1768, at Christ Church, Philadelphia, Elizabeth Ingram, and lived perhaps in Goshen.  His children were Thomas, John, William, Joseph, Jonathan, and Levi.  Thomas was three times married, his first wife being Alice, his second a Brinton, and the third Ann West, a widow.  He had children,--William A., Levi A., Elizabeth (married David West), Martha, Sarah, and Mary Ann.

John Gheen married two sisters, Sarah and Hannah Hicks, and had children,--Hannah, Elizabeth, Thomas, Edward, John, Enos, and Mary.  Of these, Edward married Hannah Hickman, by whom he had one daughter, and by a second wife, Phebe Hickman, was the father of Francis H. Gheen, of West Chester, Lieut. Edward H. Gheen, U.S. navy, and of John J. Gheen, Esq., of the Chester County bar.

Jonathan Gheen, born Aug. 13, 1777, died June 17, 1861, married Hannah Chamberlin, and left three children,--Amy, Susan, and John W.

Levi Gheen, born March 3, 1783, died Dec. 12, 1839, married Mary Chamberlin, and resided in East Goshen, and had children,--Titus W., Jonathan, Palmer, Lydia (married John McCauley), Elizabeth, and Taylor.

Our older citizens say that the name was formerly pronounced 'Gahagan, and in confirmation of this we find an advertisement which mentions Thomas Gahagan, in New Providence (now Montgomery County), in 1760.  In 1768 the same person doubtless is named Thomas Gheen.