GORDON, John, an emigrant from Scotland, settled at the time of the Revolutionary war near Downingtown, in this county, and married Jane Downing, of an old-established family at that point.  Their son Joseph married Rebecca Rogers, to whom were born eight children, of whom the second child.

John Rogers Gordon, was born 6th mo. 25, 1817, in Uwchlan township, as was his father before him.  He passed his boyhood on the farm, attending the common schools, and one winter at Jonathan Gause's academy at Unionville.  He was married, 3d mo. 3, 1847, to Leah A. Essick, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Essick, by whom he had three children, of whom one (William) is living.  His wife died in 1852, and he was the second time married, 4th mo. 7, 1859, to Deborah H., daughter of Isaac and Mary (Hawley) Smedley.  In the spring of 1847 he moved to his present farm of 147 acres.  He has repeatedly acted as supervisor.  he belongs to the Society of Friends of Uwchlan Meeting, at Lionville.  On his paternal side he is of Scotch extraction, and on the maternal of Welsh.

Since his first marriage he has built three dwelling-houses, in addition to several barns and many other valuable and lasting improvements to his real estate.  His homestead is splendidly located in a fine section of the county and in a good neighborhood.