GRUBB, John, with his wife Frances, was a resident of Upland as early as 1679, but does not appear to have been settled there as early as 1677.  In 1679, jointly with Richard Buffington, he purchased 300 acres of land on the southwest side of Chester Creek above Chester, and may have resided there some time.  His occupation was that of a tanner.  His children were Emanuel, John, Joseph, Henry, Samuel, Nathaniel, Peter, Charity, and Phebe, all of whom were living at the time of his death in 1708.  His daughter Charity was married to Richard Beeson prior to his death.  He does not appear to have been a Quaker, and probably was an Episcopalian.  His age was about sixty years.

Samuel Grubb settled in East Bradford on the farm now of William Gibbons. Nathaniel married Ann Moore and settled in Willistown.  He was member of Assembly, trustee of the loan office, etc.  Peter Grubb went to what is now Lebanon County, where he was a prominent iron-master.  Phebe married Richard Buffington, Mr., and Simon Hadly.