HAMILL, Robert, was born July 22, 1801, and died March 18, 1876, in the seventh-fifth year of his age.  His father, Israel Hamill, was born Dec. 2, 1776, and died June 30, 1838.  He was a son of Robert Hamill, who was born in the north of Ireland, Aug. 5, 1719 (O.S.).  They were married in 1743. Their children were Martha, Mary, Phebe, Elezer, Priscilla, and Ebenezer. Joan died Aug. 15, 1757, and was interred in the Upper Octorara 'New Side' burying ground, where most of the name have since been buried.  Mary died Sept. 10, 1759, at sea, aged twelve years, and was laid in the same burying ground.  This would imply that the parents came to this country about the middle of the eighteenth century, and had left part of their children behind for a short time.  Phebe died Sept. 19, 1779. 

The father then married Jean Shields, and their children were Elisha; Ruth, m. John Rodgers; Mary, m. Samuel Richmond; Jemima and Keziah (twins), died in infancy; Phebe, m. Mr. Hogg; John Caldwell, Israel, and Phinehas.  Martha died Aug. 21, 1784.  Robert Hamill died Aug. 3, 1803, and Jean, his wife, died Dec. 1, 1807, aged seventy-two years.  When Robert Hamill came to this country he settled in Fallowfield, now highland township, one mile south of Parkesburg.  Israel Hamill (the father of Robert Hamill, the subject of this sketch) was married to Mary Scott, a daughter of James and Hannah (Allison) Scott, who were of Scotch descent.  Mary was born in June, 1776, and died Jan. 21, 1861.  The had eleven children, to wit:  Elisha, Robert, Hannah, m. James Cochran; Jane, m. Jacob Selzer; James, d. 1836; William and Israel, d. 1840; the other four died in infancy.   Robert Hamill, Esq., married Jane Cochran, a daughter of James and Martha (Elton) Cochran, who died March 19, 1931, aged thirty-nine years, leaving four children, viz:  Martha (m. Dr. John G. Gibson), Israel, James Cochran, and Jane, who was married to Evan Chalfant.  James Cochran, the father of Mrs. Jane Hamill, was a son of Stephen, one of three brothers (James, Stephen, and David) who came from Ireland in the early part of the eighteenth century.  James Cochran died Dec. 12, 1812, aged seventy-four years.  Martha, the wife of James, died April 11, 1826, aged seventy-five years.  Robert Hamill then married Mary, a daughter of Samuel and Margaret Walker, who died in 1839 without children.  he afterwards married Eliza, a daughter of Wothel and Catharine (Barr) Baldwin, who is now (New Year's 1881) living.  By that union they had eight children, viz:  Robert Albert, Eliza Emma, Edwin A., Millard Fillmore, Samuel Dale, and Addie, and two others who died in infancy.  Robert Hamill's residence was in Highland township, formerly a part of West Fallowfield.  He was a justice of the peace for many years, and until he refused to serve any longer.  As an evidence of the confidence and esteem of his neighbors and friends, he was called upon to fill various offices and positions of responsibility and trust.  Israel, the eldest son of Robert and Jane Hamill, the contributor of the materials of this biography, is married to Mary Ann, a daughter of James and Hannah (Fleming) Pinkerton, is an adherent of the Presbyterian faith and practice, as all his ancestry have been, both paternal and maternal, and he, his father (Robert Hamill), his grandfather (Israel Hamill), and his great-grandfather (Robert Hamill) from his settlement in this county have always had a residence within the bounds of West Fallowfield; and what is a remarkable fact, neither of them moved from the place of their first settlement in life.