Henry Hayes obtained a warrant Sept. 3, 1705. to take up 500 acres....Jan 25, 1705 another warrant for 484 acres....by virtue of the 1st, he took up 384 acres on the west branch of Brandywine, south of the present Coatesville, and in the following year 600 acres were surveyed from him, including the present site of Unionville.  Afterwards he obtained several hundred acres extending from the last tract to the NW corner of East Marlborough, and received a patent in 1717 for 1100 acres in this twp.

He was an active citizen, a justice of the peace and of Common Pleas for several years.  His wife, Rachel, living in 1736, was perhaps mother of all his children, but he left a widow named Isabella.     His children, so far as known were William; Richard; Joseph; James; John; Stephen; Thomas; Mary; Joanna; Margaret; Elizabeth; Anne; Rachel (m. Wm Wickersham; Ruth m. ? Heaney; Lydia m. Thomas Nichols.