HICKS, Edward, of Goshen, was married Nov. 8, 1769, to Hannah, daughter of William and Rebecca Rattew, and resided on a farm purchased from the Goodwins, and where his grandson, of the same name, now resides.  Tradition says that the land was bought by his father, Charles Hicks, but the deed is in the son's name, and the father's residence is uncertain.   The wife of Charles Hicks was Mary Kimble.  The children of Edward and Hannah Hicks were Sarah, William, Rebecca, Hannah, Charles, Abigail, and Thomas.  Hannah, the mother, died 3d mo. 21, 1835, aged 91 years.   William Hicks, oldest son of Edward and Hannah, was born 9th mo. 26, 1776, and 6th mo. 11, 1801, married Abigail, daughter of Jesse and Abigail Garrett, of Willistown.  They removed from East Caln to Willistown about 1810.  Their children were Edward, Jesse G., William, and John G.

Thomas Hicks, youngest son of Edward and Hannah, was born 3d mo. 9, 1793, and married, first, Amy Wilkinson, and second, Rachel Hilles.  His children by his first wife were Edward W., Hannah, who married Samuel H. Hoopes, Francis, Mary, who married James Barnard, and Elias; and by his second wife, Amy, who married David Fell.  The first wife of Thomas Hicks was born 2d mo. 5, 1785, and died 4th mo. 2, 1823, and his second wife died 3d mo. 5, 1879, at David Fell's in New London, in her ninety-first year.