JOHN, Samuel and Griffith

Samuel John, a brother of Griffith, was born in Pembrokeshire in 1680, and educated in the Church Of England, but after his arrival in this country, in 1709, he became a minister among Friends, and was such about fifty four years. He died 10, 16, 1766, and was buried at Uwchlan. By his wife, Margaret, he had children, _ Mary, Samuel, Margaret, David, Ellen, and Daniel."

JOHN, Griffith, son of John, Phillips and Ellen, his wife, was born in Pembrokeshire in Wales, in the year 1683, and arrived in Pennsylvania 2, 11, 1709; married 7, 20, 1714, Ann, daughter of Robert and Gwen Williams, of Goshen, where she was born in 1700. They settled in Uchlan, where he died 6, 29, 1778, and his widow 6, 17, 1782. He was a minister among Friends near seventy years. His children were: