Rev David Jones had 4 children who survived h im, the youngest whom, named Horatio Gates Jones, in honor of Gen Horatio Gates, under whom the chaplain served for a time, was born in Easttown, Chester Co, Feb 11, 1777.  He became a Baptist minister, and was pastor of a church in Salem NJ till 1805, when he removed to Roxborough, Philadelphia.  In 1809, he established the Lower Merion Baptist Church, and served it as pastor until his death, 12-12-1853.  He was a man of distinguished presence, an eloquent speaker and a ready writer.  He fille positions of prominence in the church and in the community in which he lived, where he was highly esteemed.  The degree of Doctor of Divinity was conferred upon him by the university of Lewisburg, Pa.

He left 4 sons - Hon J Richter Jones, for many ears a judge of the courts of Philadelphia, and afterwards colonel of the 58th Pa Volunteers, at the head of which he fell at New Bern NC, in 1863; Col Charles Thompson Jones, Nathaniel Levering Jones, and Hon Horatio Gates Jones, the latter of whom is a member of the Philadelphia bar, and has since 1874 been a member of the Pa State Senate, in which he has made himself somewhat famous as an advocate of religious liberty.