John Kemble (Kimble)

from THE HISTORY OF CHESTER COUNTY, by Futhey and Cope.

"John Kimble, or Kemble, in 1783 bought 187 acres of land in New London, and died prior to 1812, leaving children - James, William, John, Samuel, Mary, Isaac, Jane and George. Samuel and George owned considerable land and lived at what is now Kimbleville, named from the family. George kept store there for a long time and died April 22, 1856. Samuel died March 3, 1859." I include an abstract of his will KEMBLE, JOHN. New London. May 1, 1809: June 3, 1809. Provides for wife Mary. Real and personal estate to be sold and proceeds divided among all the children, who are not named.Executors: Son Samuel Kemble and son-in-law Robert Mackey.Wits.: Jno. Chandler, Robert M. Waugh.

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