KIRK, Alphonsus, son of Roger Kirk, of Lurgan, Ireland, took passage from Belfast 11,11,1688, and landed at Jamestown, VA., 1st month (March) 12th, following.  He came to Pennsylvania 3,29,1689.  On the 23d of 12th month (Feb.), 1692-3, he married Abigail, daughter of Adam and Mary Sharpley, of Shelpot Creek, New Castle, Co., and settled near what is now Centreville, in that county.  The meeting-house there was built upon his land.  He died 7,7,1745, and his wife in 1748.  Their children were:

Of these children, Roger removed to Nottingham, and William and Timothy settled in Pikeland.  William was twice married, and had nineteen children. His son Isaiah was a leading citizen of that neighborhood.  His daughter Rachel because the wife of Philip Price, of whom a sketch is given elsewhere.

The following family record has been furnished us, but we are not informed of the relationship to the family already mentioned.  The children of Timothy Kirk, born in Ireland, were as follows:  Deborah, b. 7,5,1677; Samuel, b. 10,15,1678; Jacob, b. 10,30,1680; Sarah, b. 8,9,1682; Joseph, b. 1,23,1685; Roger, b. 2,31,1686; John, b. 10,31,1687; Ruth, b. 7,29,1690; Jane, b. 7,18,1692.   Roger Kirk, who was perhaps the son of this Timothy, came to Pennsylvania as early as 1712, and about 1714 married Elizabeth Richards of New Garden. He settled in Nottingham, and died 3,28,1761.  His children were Mary, Timothy, William, Elizabeth, Deborah, Rebecca, and Samuel.  A genealogy of this family has been published.