KIRK, ROGER. West Nottingham.

June 30, 1759. April 14, 1761. Died March 28, 1761.

Directs body to be buried in Friends Burying Ground in East Nottingham.

Provides for wife Elizabeth including tract of land in East Nottingham

containing 100 acres purchased of Daniel Brown, also Mulatto girl

Phillis, negro girl Jenny, negro man Harry and negro boy Tobe. To son

Timothy 5 and to his wife Ann 5. To son William 10 acres, part of

plantation whereon I now dwell, also 5 and to his wife Mary 5. To

daughter Elizabeth Woodward 30 and to her husband, Thomas 5. To

Mathew Aughiltree, husband to my daughter Deborah deceased 5 shillings.

To daughter Rebecca Cook 40 and mulatto girl Violet and to her husband

John Cook 5. To son Samuel plantation where I now dwell, also stock.

To grandson Roger Kirk, son of Timothy tract of land in East and West

Nottingham containing 150 acres. To grandson Nathaniel Kirk, son of

William 1/4 of lot of land in Charlestown on North East River, the

other 1/4 of do to grandson Samuel Woodward. To granddaughter Rebecca

Woodward furniture. To grandchildren Jacob, William, Elizabeth,

Katherine and Joseph Wollison, children of Joseph and Deborah Wollison

deceased 10 each when of age. All remainder to wife Elizabeth, also

Executrix. Witnesses: Elisha Hughes, Benjamin Chandler, Alexander