KIRK, SAMUEL. West Nottingham.

August 22, 1763. August 28, 1764.

To brother Timothy Kirk 5. To cousin Joseph Kirk horse. To cousin

Abner Kirk all the land South of the great road at my mother's decease

and when he is 21. To cousin Samuel Woodward all land North of road at

my mother's decease. To cousin Timothy Kirk all shop tools. To cousin

Roger Kirk all my books. To cousin Joseph Woolison chest. To cousin

Jacob Kirk my desk. To cousin Thomas Woodward mare and saddle. To

cousin William Cook all wearing apparel. To cousin Rebecca Woodward

all my sheep. To cousin Mary Woodward a cow. To cousin Elizabeth

Woolison bed and bedding. To mother Elizabeth Kirk negro wench June

Executor: Brother Thomas Woodward. Witnesses: James Maxwell, Andrew

Willson, Isabella Maxwell.