Love, Rev. Thomas - The Love family were among the early settlers in Fagg's Manor, and several of its members have at different times filled important positions, both in church and state.  Among them was Rev. Thomas Love, who was born in 1796, and died Dec 22, 1879.  His early life was spent on his father's farm, where he acquired a robust frame, a knowledge of agriculture and a practical ingenuity which often served him in good purpose in afterlife.  He was licensed to preach by the Presbytery of New Castle, April 2, 1823, and on Dec 1, 1825 became pastor of the church of Lower Brandywine, then called the "Old Log Church", and of Red Clay Creek, long known as "McKennan's Meeting-house", both in Delaware and near to the line of Chester Co.  He had charge of the former till Oct 7, 1856, and of the latter until June 1, 1862, after which he passed the remainder of his long and uselful life on his farm in Delaware.  He was a sound, plain and instructive preacher, and possessed a spirit which made his name of Love a truthful one.  He was married in 1823 to Miss Sarah Latta, one of that remarkable family which furnished with him 5 well-known and useful ministers.  He left one child, a daughter, who married a Mr Springer.  Of his grandchildren, one - Rev Thomas Love Springer - is a pastor in York Co, Pa, and 2 are physicians.