The March Family

The March family is of German origin, although there are English and Irish families of the same name. Frederick March, who settled in Frederick twp, Mont. Co, Pa, is suppost to have been the first of this name in this state. He had several sons. One of them, Frederick Jr, emigrated to Chester Co and resided at the time of his death in East Vincent twp. Michael March, the father, was born July 24, 1803. He was married to Susanna, Dau of Henry chrisman, also of East Vincent twp. Franklin Marchh was bornJuly 14, 1836, in the house now occupied by Gilbert Brower, near his present residence in Lawrenceville, Est Coventry twp. He lived and worked on his father's farm until about 16 years of ge, receiving the usual education afforded by the ublic schools, when he ws sent to Wshington Hall Boarding School, Trape, Montgomery Co, Pa, for one seson. He was then sent to learn the printing business in the office of THE MONTGOMERY LEDGER, Pottstown. After leving there he attended several sessions of school at Freeland College and at Millersville Normal School. HE then egan the study of lawwwwwwwww at the Natl Law School Poughkeepsie, NY> HE finished his sudies in the office of Honl A B Longaker, Norristown, where on Aug 31, 1861,he was admitted to the Bar.

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