McDOWELL, James, born in 1740, came from the north of Ireland about 1758 being the only one of his family who emigrated to Pennsylvania.  He married, at Concord, Elizabeth Loughead, and settled on land partly belonging to her, now composing the farms of Henry D. Hodgson and Franklin Garrett, at Lincoln Station, in Oxford township.  The house, now of Henry D. Hodgson, was built in 1775.  About 1798 he purchased the Ruston tract of 425 acres on Elk from Dr. Thomas Ruston, and removed thither.  He died Sept. 12, 1815, and was buried at New London.

Capt. William McDowell, of Lower Oxford, has in his possession the following commissions to his grandfather from the Supreme Executive Council: May 1, 1786, to James McDowell, Esquire, as captain of a troop of militia   light-horse in the county of Chester.  Signed by Cha. Biddle.  May 1, 1789,  to same for the same office.  Signed by Thomas Mifflin.  Capt. McDowell served through the Revolutionary war, but his former commissions have been lost or mislaid.

The children of James and Elizabeth were:

John McDowell was commissioned, May 1, 1789, ensign of the Fourth Company of foot, in the Fifth Battalion of militia, in the county of Chester.  Another commission (in possession of his son William) is dated Aug. 1, 1814, as ensign of the ninth company of the 91st Regiment of the militia ofPennsylvania, in the Second Brigade of the Third Division,composed of the militia of the counties of Delaware and Chester.  This commission was to last for seven years, and was signed by Governor Findlay.

John McDowell continue to reside on the Ruston tract, which he had farmed before his father purchased it, but the latter sold 100 acres at the north end before his death.