McKEAN.-As early as 1725, Susanna "McCain" was settled in New London on 300 acres of land which had been surveyed in 1720 for William Reynolds, now mostly in Franklin township.  In her will, Dec. 28, 1730, she speaks of herself as "now living, and blessed be almighty God for the same, in the congregation of New London," and her death occurred in less than two months after.

Whether she was a widow before leaving Ireland is unknown.  She  mentions her children, William and Thomas McCain, to whom she devised 400 acres of land; also her daughter Barbara Murrah, son John Crighton, and son-in-law John Henderson, with his wife, Margaret, her daughter.  Crighton was perhaps a son by a former husband.  He died December 1731, and in his will mentions his brothers William and Thomas McKane, sisters Barbara Murray, to whom he left his plantation, and Margaret.

There was a James McKean, who may have been another son.