James Miller

James Miller, wife May (received 4 m, 4. 1709), and children from Grange near Charlemont, in 1709. ( This is in the Kennett MM records.) Early Quaker emigrants were first members of the Kennett meeting, before being allowed to hold their own meetings around 1712. Thus, early New Garden folks would be found in Kennett meeting records before this date. I don't know if the Grange records are extant, but that would be where to look for the Millers, before emigrating to PA. If anyone knows, or finds out anything of these records, please let us know. The info is also found in the book POTTS, OUR FAMILY ANCESTORS.... there appears to be more on the John and Mary Miller family in this book, so it might be worthwhile for anyone interested in the family to see if they could ran it down. It was printed in 1895, at Canonsburg, Pa, and written by Thomas Maxwell Potts.

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